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Our Values

Who We Are

Choice is a Family Law Firm located in Tacoma, Wa. At Choice we help individuals with their family law matters that are located in Pierce County, King County, Kitsap County, and Thurston County. We can offer assistance to clients with their divorce or legal separation; parenting plans and/or child support; modifications (some limitations may apply); mediation; domestic violence and protection orders.

Our Values

Each Person/Family Is Unique- Family and relationship legal issues are complicated. That's why Choice takes a wholistic approach to our clients by offering a variety of additional support and outside resources for families, individuals, and couples going through family crisis. 

Everyone Deserves A Legal Partner- Choice LLLT Family Law Firm is built on the principle that access to legal help should be simple, affordable, and individualized. At Choice we partner with our clients to identify and build sustainable family solutions to meet their needs.


Knowledge is Key- We know that being well informed, knowing the options, and being prepared is key to our clients making the best decisions for themselves and their family. We help clients understand their choices and potential outcomes so they can make better decisions.


We Keep It Affordable- We offer qualifying clients a sliding scale fee structure based on their earnings/pay. Interested in learning more? Contact Choice and learn how we can help you.

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Working With a Legal Technician (LLLT)

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A LLLT is a Legal Technician who is licensed through the Washington State Bar Association by the Washington State Supreme Court to practice family law.


LLLTs are not attorneys, but we are able to:


  • Give legal advice;

  • Select and draft family law legal documents;

  • Assist with filings and court procedures; 

  • Advise and assist in mediation; and

  • Negotiate with opposing counsel or the opposing party on our client's behalf.

When you work with a LLLT you represent yourself (otherwise known as being Pro Se", and the LLLT advises and assists you along the way- which keeps your legal costs at a minimum.


Want to learn more? Contact Choice today.

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